60 Seconds Film Festival

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Sixty Seconds Film Festival is designed to be the alternative medium for the young population of the country. The festival will become a platform of dialogue through which young Afghans will explore the importance of peaceful co-existence. The Sixty Seconds Film Festival has two sides of a coin. The first side will create a movement among aspiring filmmakers to share their ideas through short films and get the exposure in a national setting. The second side of the festival is to showcase what the filmmakers to a wider public to encourage dialogue and understanding have created.

This festival aims to solidify the narrative and desire for peace in Afghanistan. By engaging young adults in creating video clips for peace, they are willing to create the grounds for them to air their desires and wishes for peace in the country. The short clips will not only project the wishes of those who create them but they also speak for the wishes of hundreds of thousands of other youngsters who share the same desires about their country.

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