Motaal is the founder and creative director of Afghan Graphics Design Studio. An early bloomer, Motaal has been developing and designing websites since high school. He graduated from Kabul University with a BA in Economics in 2014. Internet was his teacher for Design, Graphics and Development studies, and the web space with millions of minds and ideas boiling-in, was the biggest number of classmates ever expected for him. He started to discover the World using a dial-up modem in 2006, searching for inspirations, case studies, outsourcing the html lines, playing with graphics, and finding out the newest and shiniest trends in this industry, made his way to receive his Diploma in Graphics, Design Strategy and Web Development from Academy of Arts University, San Francesco, California, United States of America.

Motaal's design sensibilities and attention to detail verge on compulsive, though we prefer to think of him as a perfectionist. Whatever you call it, Motaal won't rest until every pixel is in place. He is doing this with as patience as humanly possible.

Motaal brings an easy-going and good-natured attitude to everything he does. Whether working in the wee hours on a project with the close-knit crew at Afghan Graphics or enjoying time in the great outdoors. He rapidly moved up the ranks working in different posts as Senior Design Specialist, Web Consultant and Creative Director and implemented big success projects during his career with: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghan Government, UNESCO, Swedish Committee in Afghanistan, UNFPA, ANGO, AJSC and over 20 national and international firms and corporates in Afghanistan. There he delivered innovative solutions in digital, experiential, social media, events, and traditional media.

Motaal has developed concepts for branding, websites, advertising, marketing and corporate literature. His creative solutions have aided in the increase in popularity and business success of some of brands such as: SCIR, Khanan Builders, Rumi Consultancy, Shajjan & Associates, Bloom Agro Services, UE Tracking, Bazgar Abad, Afghan Bat, Kabul Insider and ECHO Advertisement.

When Motaal isn't poring over design concepts with the team at Afghan Graphics, he makes the most out of every minute with his wonderful family and friends. Motaal is also known to get down and dirty with his carpentry tools, machines, painting colors and his second love:
Interior Design! He makes the cool staffs he likes for his love. Being out of the city, discovering valleys, hiking and seeking for silence where only souls talks, are what makes him internally calm and build his imagination world.