We Are

We Create,
and Support
Services and
This is
why we get out of
bed everyday.

To Imagine.
To Create.

Afghan Graphics, a team of creatives with strong expertise and many years of experience in web and digital design, founded in 2009 and based in Kabul, where city noise and every original sounds giving us more energy to work. The main approach in studio’s work is to consider carefully the specifics of every project and to find instruments that would help to achieve customers’ objectives; real, measurable impacts that help them articulate their messages, reach their audiences and achieve their goals. Our aim is to create a journey from brief to final product that’s as direct and hassle-free as it can be. All the work we produce, whether visual or technical, is bespoke to your project.

Our attitude, our passion and our people
are making us different! We really love
what we do and enjoy the process.

As a digital design agency, we’re best known for innovative website design. Our passion for crafting customized websites is rooted in knowing that great work will truly impact our clients’ business. Great work gets results. It increases engagement, builds trust and elevates brand.
This experience provides our backbone and gives substance to our style. Yes we create lovely looking things that function beautifully but they're also delivered on time, in budget and with an end goal in mind.


Motaal, he started Afghan Graphics in 2009. The first space for his works was a small desks at home. After 3 years of hard work he found the way to open his very first studio on 2013, brought on another developer and designer in the same year. Shifted the work studio to different locations in past 4 years from today; finally has landed him to a lovely space where souls meets each other.

How does he do it? Don’t worry, he get asked that all the time. Running a business alone or even together presents its challenges, but the benefits are pretty awesome. He has built a solid foundation, both personally and professionally, by following a few simple guidelines: treat each other with respect, communicate openly and enjoy a good laugh. He carries these principles over into how he work with the team and clients because every solid relationship needs a good foundation. And a good dose of fun.