Yasser is Afghan Graphic’s utility-man for all things web development and all around good guy. He graduated from high school on 2009 and with a great rash in his body and the superpower of courage to become a computer expert; he began his education in Computer Engineering Sciences at the University of Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, India. Though Yasser had a sharp eye for design, he quickly found that he had an even greater passion for programming his designs into usable experiences.

Yasser believes there is beauty in the code behind any great design. This is why he delivers painstaking detail and formidable results to every project he takes on. He has considerable experience in the planning, developing and delivery of digital products. Yasser now brings his development talents and knowledge to The Big Smoke, helping Afghan Graphics to build on their strong portfolio.

When Yasser needs a break from technology, he'll head for the green yard of a football match to play the ball with friends, or he turns on the TV and watches how professionals are playing this super game. When the weather is cool, he'll take a tour of the city with his soul mates and when he is feeling free from work, he'll grab his pen and writes the sources he needs for his further projects and he discovers the new trends and techniques of coding and development resources.