Aryan is a marketing coordinator and project manager at Afghan Graphics Design Studio. He has provided expert online marketing consultation to Mid-Size and Fortune Companies for more than 3 years.

Aryan engages his clients directly to understand their needs, refine their objectives and provide them with profitable marketing solutions that help them reach and exceed their goals. Aryan also works closely with clients to manage and coordinate expectations, adhere to project timelines and ensure that Afghan Graphics and its clients are always on the same page. He is the person at Afghan Graphics who makes our projects happen and will be your point of contact throughout. He enjoys photography and visits to the downtowns.

When Aryan isn't working to create greater branding and product visibility for Afghan Graphic’s clients, he spends his time with exploring the photos he loves, managing his online community of Everyday Afghanistan @everydayafg and featuring the unseen photos of Afghanistan and its people. Being with friends is another fun for him.