Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition

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International heritage body UNESCO in November 2014 has launched a competition to design a cultural centre on the boundary of the Bamiyan Valley site, which housed two giant seventh-century statues of Buddha that were destroyed by Taliban militants in 2001.

UNESCO is teamed up with the Afghan government's Ministry of Information and Culture with financial assistance of Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to launch the Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition for a building that will provide storage areas for archaeological and traditional artifacts, as well as space for cultural programs and research facilities.

Our Studio consultants, designers and developers were also teamed up with the project management members to design, develop and coordinate the competition website where all architect from over 117 countries have been registered-in, and received 1070 design proposals from 14000 active users.

On February 2015, UNESCO has announced the winning proposal for the Bamiyan Cultural Centre. An Argentina-based team, lead by Carlos Nahuel Recabarren alongside Manuel Alberto Martínez Catalán and Franco Morero. The construction stage of the winning design is almost started in Bamiyan and in near future we will also lunch the new website of Bamiyan Cultural Centre. Our team is once more honored to continue their assistance with UNESCO office in Kabul after first project success.

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