Cultural Heritage & Development Initiatives

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The International Symposium on ‘Cultural Heritage & Development: A challenge or a contribution to sustainability?’ is organized by the UNESCO Afghanistan Office in cooperation with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the World Bank Group and the Italian Government. The event took place in Rome (Italy) from 25th to 27th May 2016, and convened within the framework of ‘The Afghanistan Heritage & Extractive Industries Development Initiative’, a UNESCO programme financed by the World Bank through the Afghan Ministries of Mines & Petroleum and of Finance, aiming specifically at ensuring the protection of cultural heritage sites within mining areas in the country.

The three day Symposium gathered representatives of governments, internationally renowned experts, research institutes and non-governmental institutions from both developed and post-conflict/developing countries, in order to facilitate a broad and inclusive discussion on how cultural heritage can be reflected in integrated modernization processes that achieve the overall goal of sustainable development.

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