Khanan Builders
Identity Design

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Khanan Builders is a combined syndicate of the PTL (Pakt Trading and Logistics, Ltd.), ELC (Emperor Logistics Company), Afghan Bat sports materials manufacturing factory and the Bazgarabad Agri & Improved Seeds Project. They have been working in different fields of business for more than 15 years. They are committed towards more professionalism and a knowledge-based economy in order to integrate successfully in the international market.

Its has been started in the very first meeting of our creative team with business owner, and after a pleasurable out-come of our first proposal to a new born corporation of this investment. It was a chance for both of us to give a new image to the whole group activities and branding. The idea created by developing the Afghan Bat identity and logo, SCIR and EPL brandings. Then they all made it possible to have a group identity of Khanan Builders!

The original concept of Khanan Builders comes out of a very well known tool of building a construction (Breaks!), the combination of letters K and B and reshaping the breaks to a common texture shape of historical patterns, making it as creative as it is was possible in mind.

Identity Design