Neda Taiyebi Personal Portfolio

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An Iranian artist, Neda Taiyebi received her B.A. in Painting from Art University of Tehran in 2011. She is curious on experimenting different techniques and various materials to produce works that emphasize color, makes the eyes stops on it, focus to the art and then feel the soul of love driven from inside her unique pleasures. In 2015 she came in Kabul, Afghanistan. There she has busy re-painting rusting Cold War era wreckage such as tanks, in the process transforming the urban debris of warfare into vibrant and inviting and popular works of public art. Ms. Taiyebi has participated in several group exhibitions, including at the Shirin Gallery in Tehran and the Fajr Festival at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Our studio, with the feeling of support of Art Love and as a small sign of welcoming the efforts she is making in our society, designed and developed her very personal portfolio and will be always in-hand with her to make the way of humanity and love the shiniest and the colorful it is possible!

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